As uni students we only get a third of the year off for summer so we needed a trip that would fit our tight schedule and, of course, boast satisfying alliteration. Tandem to Tibet wouldn’t work; tandem to Toronto wouldn’t work; tandem to Thailand wouldn’t work – all too far in our meagre time.

We had to scrap the alliteration and go for a doable trip – Bilbao to Barcelona! Bilbao, on Spain’s North Atlantic coast, sits 19m above sea level whilst Barcelona on the Mediterranean coast is at just 12m above sea level so we figured it would be a fairly straightforward, mostly downhill ride.


In order to not give ourselves or Roxanne too easy a ride, we decided we would go via the Pyrenees (with passes up to around 2400m) and laden ourselves with climbing and slacklining equipment. Our plan is to stop for rock-climbing along the way (Lucy, please find us). Our sleeping arrangements rely on the continuous presence of trees throughout this stretch of Spain for us to sling our hammocks between…IMG_0167


    1. Hi Ann, we figured that the entire weight resting on the wheels was about 200kg. That’s including 150kg of cyclist though so about 50kg bike and kit. That includes camping equipment, which was very lightweight, cooking equipment, climbing gear and food.


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