The Two Days of Mania

In the run up to our adventure, a lot happened and a lot of lists were made. In a similar fashion, here’s a blog post in the form of a list; call it the sonnet of the blogosphere.

Sarah – an angel who cooked for us, gave us her bed and  stitched our clothes. Let’s not forget Ned who drove us to Dundee for new tyres!

Bye Jim – had a final check of the tandem where Jim described us as “actually looking kind of professional”.


Melville farewell – a final good bye to Sandra, Elayne, Janie and Bernie and of course our home for the last two years! Bye St Andrews!

The cycle to Edinburgh – this turned out to be our longest tandem cycle to date but ran as smoothly as a cycle can whilst still being two hours longer than expected.IMG_0179

Ben, a saint – en route to Edinburgh we randomly bumped into our friend Ben who took us into his home for some much needed toasties and biscuits. Thanks Ben!


The trial run – we loaded the tandem up fully for the first time with sleeping and climbing gear and took it for a 5 minute spin around Craigleith. It turns out that it’s pretty bendy with all that gear 🙀!

The great dismantling – we occupied Erin’s mum’s garage for a day to undo all the hard work of putting our machine together in order to pack it into boxes. Thanks to her for all the tea and patience!

The garage key – in the process of packing the tandem, we managed to seal the electronic garage key in one of the boxes somewhere, so it gets a free holiday to Spain.IMG_0197

The gays – the taxi driver was pretty surprised when we asked her to take a tandem to the airport. Erin’s mum was less surprised when the driver asked her whether we were gay.

Flagpoles forgotten – there was a sad moment on the plane when we realised our beloved flagpoles and the most visible of all our kit were still in Erin’s garage.. and our brie forgotten in the fridge.

Nina’s beer – with the disbelief of actually getting everything on board we couldn’t wait any longer to celebrate with a beer bought with Alexandrina’s euros – thanks Nina #plsdonate

The great rebuilding – it was a huge relief as the boxes containing our tandem pieces came around the conveyor belt. Roxanne was built and ready just before the security guards kicked us out of the airport for closing time.IMG_0210

[timelapse to follow soon – watch this space]

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