Livin’ La Vida Loca!

Never-mind about the chain; Merlin fixed it and we found a party!IMG_0233

Arriving in another town with dogs, cats, goats, church bells, a fountain and, yet again, no supermarket, we gave up on finding a warm dinner that evening. However the night took a turn for the better when we were invited to the church hall by some folks from the nearby town. They had come up to watch football on a TV (with no signal) which was promptly switched off in favour of the party switch being turned on. Alex, in typical fashion, downed local ciders and wines along with a feast of mussels and grilled meats to our hearts’ (and stomachs’) content.

Where did all the Pacharan go?! [groan] Alex….
Then, just when we could stomach no more, a roast lamb appeared! IMG_0232The boys even said we could string our hammocks up between the church arches – “Just say you know me when they come for mass in the morning!”

“Cucumber head” — apparently run over by a truck as a child…

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