The Road

Moment of the day: microwaved tortilla served from a plastic bag in a service station in the outback of Spain.

It rained and Merlin was sad.

Sad Merlin

The old road from Pamplona took us through dead towns. As we followed it, the number of cracks increased and the number of people dwindled. Alex worried they might have fallen in. Eventually we came upon a town and joined its only inhabitant behind his bar where he served us hot chocolate until closing time at the ungodly time of nine thirty-five.

Thrown out and back on our wet saddles, we went in search of trees for our hammocks. Our road came to an end at a fenced off village, guarded by a “vigilante” who claimed he was on 24 hour watch as the village was ‘dangerous’. Spain is a bit weird away from the coast.

2 thoughts on “The Road

  1. Weird and wet is one thing, safe quite another… take it as it comes, but mind yourselves. Remember there are worse things than rain and odd folks- just watch the NEWS if and when you want… xxx


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