Kittens Galore

The day made a good start; we met an English speaker and Alex had his first conversation with another human in over a week!




Things then started to go downhill as we grinded uphill in the heat. Low on water, the vultures circled overhead (or they might still be eagles I still haven’t yet checked with my grandma).




Deliriously dehydrated, we crawled into Spanish Hamlet on a hill. We followed a trail of disappearing kittens that led us to a fountain…IMG_0270



We don’t know if prophet cat really existed – she came out kinda overexposed and ethereal in our photo – but what we do know is that she warned us of stormy times ahead.

So, naturally, we camped on a riverbed.


Before said riverbed, we did pass through a pretty canyon. Some photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We slung into hammocks under starry skies unaware that about to hit us was a storm that would make national news the next day. Luckily we fared well, with Merlin’s bendy trees landing him in a puddle in the night and only two pieces of broken electronics!

These misfortunes did, however, bring about one positive: having failed to kitnap a cute kitten, we left happy knowing we had our stowaway snail: “Thunder”.

Cat trying to hide from us behind a blade of grass lol dumb cat



3 thoughts on “Kittens Galore

  1. The link isn’t working – it doesn’t take you to your profile, Alex just the homepage. Very disappointing, heard you like to rim?


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