The next day we stopped feeling sorry for ourselves and got on with having fun. Montserrat is actually pretty cool, and looks a bit like dribbles of icing.

Even cooler is the fact we can now SEE Barcelona! Although just out of reach for a couple of days.

“The showers are over there!”

Montserrat is pretty much a huge rock that’s been dropped on the landscape to block the motorway to Barcelona. Made of conglomerate rock, it provides less athletic climbing than in Camarasa. We camped in the pine forest beneath the rock and made the daily hike up to its mountainous pillars.

IMG_0484Midday heat dictated early starts and sun shelters made of rope-bag-tarp.

A shortage of water in this arid region of Spain meant supply trips to El Bruc. As we searched the street for a water tap, we miraculously came across one flowing with wine! So we filled our water bottles with that instead.

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