“For a pair of [incredibly sexy] smart guys, you do some of the stupidest things”

We hope someone other than our mums read this…

The year of 1994 was a great one; Merlin was born and soon after Alex was conceived in Paris. Having found ourselves on our “Gap Yahs”, we found each other in St Andrews, much like Kate and Wills. In an effort to make up for the 20-odd years apart, we have spent university either monkeying around like cats or planning trips. Trips that are not quite adventurous enough to raise money for charity but are actually doable and definitely not interesting enough to write a blog about. We’ve finally plucked up the courage to leave the comforts of our box rooms, and Sandra (our cleaner), in order to tandem across the Pyrenees.

This summer, follow us as we spend a month staring at each others backs (or bums) tandeming from Bilbao to Barcelona, while climbing our way through the Pyrenees.

We’ll try and post events as they happen as ASAP as possible. A translator will soon join our support team to help reach out to our international audience.

In the meantime, thanks to our Tech Team in Glasgow and Logistics Centre in Edinburgh. A special mention to Jim for his bike repairs and Cyclepath‘s generous sponsorship. We would similarly like to thank Rob at St Andrews Osteopaths for repairing our bodies (and plans).

Get in gear for a wheely good ride.